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Korea Ocean ODA Project IA Signing Ceremony: 

Establishment of the Integrated Ocean Fisheries Technology Training Center and Enhancing Capacity Building in Indonesia

11 June 2024

The Indonesian and Korean governments have formalized an ODA project titled "Establishment of the Integrated Ocean Fisheries Training Center and Enhancing Capacity Building in Indonesia (ODA KIOTEC)", marked by the signing of the Implementation Arrangement (IA) on June 12, 2024, in Busan, South Korea, by key officials such as Mr. Firman Hidayat (CMMAI), Mr. I Nyoman Radiarta (BPPSDMKP), Dr. PARK Hansan (MOF & KIOST), and Ms. Ivonne M. Radjawane (Korea Indonesia MTCRC).

Executed by MTCRC, this initiative will establish a sustainable maritime education and training center in Jakarta, offering master's and doctoral scholarship programs, expert dispatch, short courses, and training with the aim of boosting human resource capacity in Indonesia's maritime sector.

Strategic Meeting with KHOA and NOSC on Potential Seaweed Collaboration

11 June 2024

As the first agenda item of the Korea visit, on 11th June 2024, CMMAI and MTCRC had the opportunity to hold a meeting with the Director General of the Korea Hydrographic and Oceanographic Agency (KHOA) and the Director of the National Ocean Satellite Center (NOSC). The meeting took place at the KHOA and NOSC Office Complex in Busan, South Korea.

During the meeting, Mr. Firman Hidayat, Deputy for Maritime Resources Coordination at CMMAI, discussed potential collaboration with both Korean institutions, particularly in mapping seaweed potential areas. The meeting was also attended by Ms. Aniza, Acting Secretary of the Deputy Coordinating Minister for Maritime Resources, and Dr. PARK Hansan, Korean Director of MTCRC.

Korea Ocean ODA Satellite Project: 

On-site Survey for Cheollian 2B FD Data Verification 

Using Hyperspectral Radiometers

3-7 June 2024

On-site survey for Cheollian 2B FD Data Verification Using Hyperspectral Radiometers in Makassar from June 3-7, 2024 a collaborative training survey under the Ocean ODA Satellite Project entitled "Establishment of Application System for Managing Indonesia's Water Using Korea's Geostationary Satellite". This training survey focuses on measuring sea surface reflectance and conducting photometric surveys. On this training survey, Mr. Safri Burhanuddin, Mr. Wasir Samad (UNHAS), and Mr. Ardi (CMMAI) are also joining the team.

On this occasion, accompanied by Mr. Acil, Dr. Hansan PARK, Director of the Korea-Indonesia MTCRC, Mr. Safri, Dr. Choi (KIOST), and Mr. Lee (KHOA) toured UNHAS's new research vessel and discussed future collaboration opportunities.

Korea Ocean ODA Satellite Project: 

Discussion and User Interview Meeting

29 May 2024

Entering its third year, the ODA Ocean Satellite project aims to enhance application technology and utilization systems. To achieve this, on May 29, 2024, a meeting was held on the 15th floor of the CMMAI building with representatives from Moonsoft on behalf of KHOA, BRIN, and BMKG. Led by Mrs. Aniza Suspita, Executive Secretary to the Deputy Coordinating Minister for Maritime Resources, and Dr. PARK Hansan, the ODA Project Manager and Director of MTCRC, the meeting included a software introduction, discussions, and a survey to gather BRIN and BMKG's needs, which will guide system improvements by Moonsoft and KHOA.

BPPSDMKP Visit Cirebon Center 

BPPSDMKP Visited MTCRC Facilities and Discussing Potential Collaboration

24 May 2024

On Friday, May 23, 2024, Korea-Indonesia MTCRC welcomed esteemed guests from BPPSDMKP at the MTCRC Cirebon Center. Mr. I Nyoman Radiarta (Chairman) and Mr. Rudi Alek (Secretary) were accompanied by MTCRC Directors, Mr. Hansan PARK and Mrs. Ivonne Radjawane, who showed and toured various MTCRC facilities such as the ARA Boat, laboratory, and equipment. Following that this visit was graciously mandated by Mr. Sakti Wahyu Trenggono (Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries) and Mr. Luhut (Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment) to further enhance cooperation activities with MTCRC and to discuss other ongoing matters. 

Consultative Meeting with BPPSDMKP on KIOTEC Office Renovation Design

22 May 2024

The ODA KIOTEC (Korea-Indonesia Integrated Ocean Technology Training Center) is set to launch this year and continues to make significant progress. On May 22nd, 2024, a meeting was held between the Korea-Indonesia MTCRC and BPPSDMKP at the KKP Gambir Building in Jakarta to discuss the KIOTEC Office Layout Design. 

During this consultative session, the Chairman of BPPSDMKP provided valuable feedback and suggestions to optimize the design of the training center. We are grateful for the productive collaboration and are eager to implement these insights. 

Talkshow on Exploring Lake Batur: 

Mapping of Ecosystem and Its Water Quality

23 May 2024

As part of the 10th World Water Forum, Dr. PARK Hansan, director of MTCRC, was invited to the Talkshow on Exploring Lake Batur: Mapping of Ecosystem and Its Water Quality on May 23rd, 2024, at Nusa Dua Convention Center, Bali.

Dr. PARK delivered a talk on the results of the Lake Batur survey conducted earlier by MTCRC researchers, titled 'Batur Lake Ecosystem Health Survey and Sediment Carbon Stock'. The talk show also featured speakers from various institutions, the Regent of Bangli, the Head of P3E Bali Nusa Tenggara, the Head of BWS Bali-Penida, the Assistant Deputy for Watershed Management and Natural Resources Conservation, and academics.

The event showcased the management and conservation efforts of Lake Batur

Seminar on Seaweed Industry: 

Exploring Potential Seaweed Farming Areas in Indonesian Waters and Ecosystem using Remote Sensing Technology 

22 May 2024

Alongside the launch event of the International Center for Tropical Seaweed on May 22nd, 2024, at Merusaka Hotel, Bali, the Seminar on Accelerating the Upstream-Downstream Integration of the Seaweed Industry was held. During this seminar, Dr. PARK Hansan, director of MTCRC, had the opportunity to speak in Panel Discussion 3, discussing emerging research trends and technologies driving innovation in the seaweed industry. Dr. PARK presented 'Exploring Potential Seaweed Farming Areas in Indonesian Waters and Ecosystem Monitoring using Remote Sensing Technology.'

Additionally, MTCRC supported this seminar by providing an expert speaker from Wonkwang University, Prof. Choi Han Gil. To support the development of the seaweed industry in Indonesia, Prof. CHOI presented Korean mega-scale seaweed farming technology and its challenges, providing insights into the seaweed industry in Korea.

This demonstrates dedication to advancing and strengthening Indonesia's tropical seaweed industry, marking a significant step forward in international collaboration, and promoting sustainable development and innovation in seaweed research and cultivation.

Joint Declaration: 

Launching of International Tropical Seaweed Research Center

22 May 2024

May 22nd, 2024 marked a significant milestone as Dr. PARK Hansan, Director of the Korea-Indonesia MTCRC, took part in the Joint Declaration on Launching the International Tropical Seaweed Research Center, along with the Coordinating Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Investment (Kemenkomarves), the National Research and Innovation Agency (BRIN), the Ministry of National Development Planning, the Ministry of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, the Ministry of Industry, and other institutions. 

MTCRC, as one of the development partners, showed its commitment to enhancing and strengthening the tropical seaweed industry in Indonesia.

Batur Lake Water Quality Survey for Supporting 10th Water Forum in Bali

Preparation for 10th World Water Forum

23-25 April 2024

As part of the preparation for the 10th WWF, Indonesia's Coordinating Ministry for Maritime Affairs and Investment (CMMAI) has partnered with Korea-Indonesia MTCRC to conduct a comprehensive study on Lake Batur's water quality in Kintamani, Bali.

The field survey, conducted from April 22-25, 2024, involved local stakeholders and included data collection on various water parameters using CTD, alongside water and sediment samples was also collected for further analysis at the MTCRC laboratory. For a more specific study around the floating net cage cultivation area, mapping in the southern part of the lake was conducted using a drone equipped with a LIDAR sensor.

The survey data were then combined to create an integrated profile of the water conditions of Lake Batur that can be displayed at the 10th WWF exhibition in Bali and later utilized by the local government to manage the Lake Batur area.