Since 2019 MTCRC has been active in creating scientific discussion forums (seminars/workshops) and has also participated in several prestigious events to explain about MTCRC activities. 

2nd Korea-Indonesia Blue Carbon Expert Workshop 

On the 9th of January 2023, Korea-Indonesia MTCRC was successfully held "2nd Korea-Indonesia Blue Carbon Experts Seminar" in Merusaka Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali. This seminar is a continuation of the first seminar which was held on June 20 2022 which aims to exchange knowledge, experience and ideas which will later be discussed and become the basis for designing the Blue Carbon project in Indonesia through the Official Development Assistance (ODA) scheme.

The seminar began with remarks from Kus Prisetiahadi, Ph.D, as Assistant Deputy for Climate Change and Disaster Management, Shin Jae Young as Director of Marine Ecology Division MOF, Firman Trisasongko as Policy Analysis Expert on Assistant Deputy for Maritime Resources Downstreaming, Prof. Kim Jong-Seong as The Blue carbon Project Group and Dr. Park Hansan as Director of Korea-Indonesia MTCRC.

Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue on the Development of the ASEAN Blue Economy Framework 

Korea-Indonesia MTCRC Directors Dr. PARK Hansan attended Multi-stakeholder Dialogue on The Development of The ASEAN Blue Economy Framework as the invitees on March 1st, 2023 in Bangka Belitung Island. This event is also the 43rd Meeting of the High-Level Task Force on ASEAN Economic Integration (43rd HLTF-EI) hosted by the Deputy Minister for Economic Affairs, Ministry of National Development Planning of the Republic of Indonesia.

Every ASEAN County is introducing its development of the blue economy. With this dialogue, we could understand that there are varieties of development levels on the blue economy among the ASEAN member states and how important is the blue economy for the ASEAN country. Indonesia has progressed on the blue economy roadmap and other related policy measures, as well as building Indonesia's blue economy index at the provincial level.

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