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MTCRC Latest Update

Representatives from D4 CMMAI Visit MTCRC Cirebon Center

14  July 2023

Representatives of the Deputy Coordinating Minister for Forestry and Environmental Management of CMMAI, namely Executive Secretary and Assistant Deputy of Watershed Management and Natural Resources Conservation, visited the MTCRC Cirebon Center. During this visit, the activity was accompanied by the MTCRC directors to provide in-depth explanations about the office facility as well as the progress and plans of the MTCRC. Through this visit, hoped that it will strengthen the partnership and fuel further success in MTCRC and CMMAI shared endeavors.

MTCRC Signed MoU with Diponegoro University

14  July 2023

Formalizing a new partnership with one of the potential universities in Indonesia, Korea-Indonesia MTCRC has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Diponegoro University (UNDIP) at Rector's Court Room, UNDIP, Semarang. The MoU was signed by MTCRC’s Directors, Dr. PARK Hansan, Ivonne M. Radjawane, Ph.D., and Prof. Yos Johan Utama as Rector of UNDIP. Through this cooperation agreement, both parties have agreed to strengthen and share collaboration ideas on several academic and research topics, and it is expected to make a positive contribution in the field of marine science and technology that is advantageous for Korea-Indonesia bilateral cooperation through UNDIP and MTCRC.

Benthic and Coral Reef Mapping Field Campaign Training

4-9 July 2023

Korea-Indonesia MTCRC and Pusan National University (PNU) collaborated to conduct the Benthic and Coral Reef Mapping Field Campaign Training in Bali. This field campaign training started with a preliminary survey in Nusa Lembongan and followed by a bathymetry survey, underwater spectral data library collecting utilizing USSIMO hyperspectral instrument, and drone Matrice 300 mapping for the next days. On the last day, the participants from Udayana University was invited to join the presentation from PNU about post-processing data training (drone data and spectral library data), and both MTCRC and PNU presented about what has been done during this field campaign training in the wrap-up session.

Korea-Indonesia Blue Carbon Joint Field Survey Training

4-7 July 2023

Korea-Indonesia MTCRC collaboration with Seoul National University(SNU) team carried out the Korea-Indonesia Blue Carbon Joint Field Survey Training in Mangrove Forest, Tahura, Bali. The agenda started with the classroom seminar for the introduction of mangrove ecosystems with the blue carbon research team in Korea, featuring speakers from BRIN, UPTD from TAHURA Ngurah Rai, and the Korea Blue Carbon Research Center. Agenda continued with a preliminary survey, including field surveys training, sediment sampling, mangrove habitat surveys, and tidal flat area survey. This training survey ended with a wrap-up meeting sharing session about the activities carried out by SNU.

MTCRC Director Receives the Prestigious "Ganesa Wirya Jasa Utama" Award from ITB

3 July 2023

MTCRC Director - Dr. PARK Hansan Receives the Prestigious "Ganesa Wirya Jasa Utama" Award from Institut Teknologi Bandung in Commemoration of 103 Years of Engineering Higher Education in Indonesia at Bandung Institute of Technology. Ganesa Wirya Jasa Utama is an ITB award to any institution or/and individual who have shown services or achievements in supporting ITB's development at the national and international levels. The award is a commitment to Dr. PARK's contribution to leading the Korea-Indonesia collaborative project through MTCRC. Warmest congratulation is conveyed to Dr. PARK Hansan for his outstanding achievements and invaluable contributions to the Marine, Science, and Technology field.

The Early Career Ocean Professional
Korea Visit Program 2023

21-25 June 2023

After successfully completing the Korean Language class in 2019 and early 2022 and the Korean Culture Class in 2022. Korea-Indonesia MTCRC conducted the Early Career Ocean Professional Korea Visiting Program as a form of award for each of the best participants from each batch of class. The participants get a chance to visit some places in Busan, namely: Korea Institute of Ocean Science and Technology (KIOST), Pukyong National University (PKNU), Pusan National University (PNU), National Institute Fisheries Science (NIFS), National Maritime Museum of Korea, and another landmark in Korea such as Gwanghwamun square, Gyeongbokgung palace, and Haedong Yonggung temple.

MTCRC Co-hosted UNHAS 10th National and 6th International Symposium

10-11 June 2023

MTCRC supported the success of the 10th National and 6th International Symposium on Marine Science and Fisheries. During the National and International Symposium, MTCRC Directors (Dr. PARK Hansan and Ivonne Radjawane, Ph.D.) well-delivered their presentation, as well as MTCRC Researchers (Mr. Riam Badriana, Mr. Umar Abdurrahman, Mr. Prastyo Abi, and Mr. Faqih) who also contributed to the parallel session and were able to present their research. MTCRC also have been given the opportunity to hold a special session in order to introduce the ODA Project Cirebon to participants with Dr. Safri Burhanuddin as the moderator to lead the special session while the presentation is carried out by Mr. Haryo.

MTCRC Conducted Cirebon Coastal and Waters Area Survey 2023

5-8 June 2023

The Official Development Assistance (ODA) Project survey has been conducted by MTCRC, it aims to collect data in the ocean and coastal are in Cirebon, West Java. In this survey the instruments used to observe and collect data sea bed profile using SBP, bathymetry using SBES, measuring Ocean Parameter using CTD, collecting sediment and water samples to be checked in MTCRC chemistry Laboratory. The survey also included mapping some mangrove area using Drone and Hyper Spectral instrument.